Friday, July 18, 2014

Linking Seeking New Faces!

Are you a hard worker? Love interacting with people? Need extra income? Linking Promotions is known for its detailed process of recruiting the best “links” for our activations that will represent our clients and Linking with the upmost professionalism. We not only focus on what the client needs, but also on what the “Link” loves to do and that makes us stand out from the rest. We take pride in being a Nationwide Staffing Agency and we are having recruiting efforts all across Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas. Our profiling system is easy to navigate and you are just one click away from being available to access our database and start applying for gigs in your area! Check out some of our Linking Specialists in Atlanta, North Carolina and Ohio!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strongbow Blog

Linking Promotions has been chosen to staff Strongbow Cider demo activations at over 
100+ locations ranging from 
Winn-Dixie to Total Wine throughout the state of Florida. Our staffing agents have been hard at work choosing the best of the Linking Staff to represent both Strongbow and Linking to their best potential. Strongbow Cider is the #1 selling hard cider in the world! This program allows consumers to sample the new flavors of Gold Apple and Honey & Apple before purchasing and a chance to enter into a sweepstakes to win a 3 night Golden Getaway to the Urban Orchard of their choice. Consumers will also walk away with a coupon for $1.50 off a 6-pack of bottles or 4-pack of cans to use immediately! The success of the past and future demos wouldn't be possible without our hard working Linking Staff as well as the dedication of our Staffing Agents to always select the best team for our extensive programs. Check out the pictures we received from Diana, Matthew and Barbara.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Secret Shoppers!

In the Event World, in order to have a worthwhile execution, everything must be flawless. The quality and knowledge of staff, the detailed event displays and having a keen eye for even the smallest details can be crucial. Special attention to small details is something Linking Promotions specializes in!  From time to time, companies hire what are called “secret shoppers” to make sure that all these areas are running to their utmost potential. Linking Promotions was recently hired to staff secret shoppers for a series of stores in the state of Florida. We are pleased to be trusted and ensure quality control at a variety of locations. Our secret shoppers will be responsible for spending at least 10-15 minutes at each location and document consumer interaction with the brand in forms of photos and notes. Quality control is very helpful to the brand because it gives them the opportunity to see what areas they can improve on! Linking can be trusted to provide the BEST service, full circle.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2014

Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2014

What better way to enjoy a beautiful Miami weekend than to lounge beach side at La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup X? Linking Promotions is proudly working alongside Trapiche Wine, an Argentinian wine which has earned its place as a pioneering brand with more than 130 years of experience- a sponsor to the Polo tournament. La Martina is being held on South Beach between 21st and 22nd street from Thursday, April 24 to Sunday, April 27.          
Linking Promotions
Beach Polo is a variant of the age old “sport of kings”, it is a ball sport played on horses, where one team attempts to score goals by hitting a ball made of leather through the opposing teams goal with a mallet. The field is approximately 100 yards long and 30 yards wide. Each polo match is divided into 7 minutes of active play time called “chukkers”; it represents the amount of time a horse can exert itself before needing rest.  With all this action, spectators are sure to need refreshments to relax and enjoy. This is where you can find our Linking Models. We have 5 beauties in white helping the VIP tournament spectators to some delicious Trapiche wine. The Linking Models are also showing the guests to an onsite photo booth where they can print out a forever memory! All of this wouldn't have been possible without the help of our hard working ladies at the Linking Promotions Staffing office always making sure to choose the best staff to work all our exciting events.

Linking Promotions

Come spend the weekend at this beautiful event!! 
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Carnaval on the Mile


Did somebody say ART, FOOD & DRINKS all in one place? We’re there! 

Photo Cred: Miami New Times

                  Miami’s infamous Miracle Mile was transformed into a cultural experience appealing to all the senses on the weekend of March 1-2. Spectators were able to walk a mile of art by over 120 well known artists, sculptors, photographers and jewelry designers. 36 live musical groups traveled from all over the nation to entertain the crowd with live up- tempo beats that had them dancing in the streets. Some of the artists we caught were NYC’s Black Violin and Pedrito Martinez, Atlanta’s Stokeswood and locals like Locos Por Juana and Spam Allstars. Thought we were done? If you wanted to get your taste buds going, this was also the place to be! There were tents with fine food from over 10 local restaurants, wine, cocktails and even activities for the kids to enjoy! A Linking Specialist was spotted at the Trapiche Wine booth indulging guests with the rich tastes of Argentina’s largest exported brand! The fun continued until Sunday at 10PM making for a weekend full of entertainment and memories. Until next year Carnaval on the Mile!!

Photo Cred:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miami Heat Family Festival

Monday, March 03, 2014- 

                    Linking Promotions is excited to have been a part of the Miami HEAT Family Festival themed “Lights * Camera* HEAT” last Sunday afternoon. Marking its 17th anniversary this year, the HEAT Family Festival is a themed annual fundraiser that brought HEAT players, coaches, celebrities and families together for a full day of fun. Families participated in a variety of interactive games and activities while also being able to enjoy delicious meals from over 40 of South Florida’s finest restaurants and chefs. The afternoon was also livened up with music by Nick Aquilino, appearances by DJ Irie, the beautiful HEAT dancers, Burnie the mascot, in- arena P.A announcer, Michael B., the Golden Oldies and the HEAT Banana Man. Pet lovers were even given the chance to adopt a furry new family member ready with vaccines and microchip provided by the Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department.

                   The Family Festival is the Miami HEAT Charitable Fund’s largest fundraiser. The annual celebration benefits Jackson Memorial Foundation’s Guardian Angels, SafeSpace, the Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug- Free Community and Home Strong. All of which aid women and children and make for a better community overall. The festival was held in Parcel B by the bay behind the AAA and ticket packages went on sale for $1000 and provided admission for five people. We are proud to say that we participated in the efforts to raise a total of $581,817.00 on Sunday! Our KIA promotional specialists helped sign guests up for a $1000 raffle to guess the approximate number of basketballs stuffed inside the KIA Sorento. 

What better way to raise money for a good cause?  

Source Check: WWW.NBA.COM/ Heat

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Becoming a Link!

As a Nationwide agency Linking Promotions needs to be extremely critical with the staff accepted on board and deem worthy of becoming “Links”. Breaking through this industry can be very difficult and in some instances it’s about “knowing someone who knows someone”. These are the top 6 qualities Linking Promotions looks for in aspiring Links!!

Go get it attitude! :
First impressions to any agency are tremendously important and a person’s drive to learn and willingness to work can be a great way to get a foot in the door.

Amazing personality with emphasis on the “ZING”! :
 A front runner in the industry will have that certain quality that helps attract a crowd. If it’s making people laugh, feelings welcomed or confidence, own it!

Professional appearance:
Natural beauty is always a plus, but light makeup is definitely encouraged. Going to a casting or showing up to an event where the agency provides uniform? Do not show up in beach attire, gym sweats or otherwise street clothes. Agencies like to know top quality individuals are being hired.

This not only includes arriving to events on time, but in returning phone calls or emails same day. Stay on top of voice mails! If the job is no longer of interest, extend professional courtesy by calling back and expressing gratitude in the offer. This leads to the next tip…

Professional Courtesy:
 This includes returning phone calls for job offers that are no longer of interest. This means working the first job accepted, not the one that pays the most. This means keeping ones word because of their work and professional ethics. The agency one cancels on today, might have better opportunities down the line. Do not burn bridges.
Obviously new comers will not have a promotional background but might have had previous customer service experience. Waitresses are big on smiles and consumer interactions and these are qualities staff will need on the field! This is the same for volunteers or babysitters or anything involving team work.

On a personal note Linking Promotions would like to express our gratitude in staff hired this year, those who have excelled in each of the above qualities!
A. Greene :
Greene’s flexibility
and professionalism stood and
 quickly got him front line
 to be offered multiple days
on an on-going program. 
A. Duffey :
Duffey is adamant
 in following booking instructions.
Her eye for detail
and exceptional attitude
 gives her above average marks
 in her booking agent’s eyes.
K. Bailey :
 Bailey’s timeliness
and good attitude
 quickly made her the easiest Link to brag about.


G. Castellano:
A pleasure to interview,
 Castellano is detailed
 in her pre-event steps
 for training and confirming booking.
 Her professionalism and appearance
during casting made her
stand out from a pool of staff.

R. Jesseman :
Her charming quality 
and quick response to booking
 gave her the edge she needed
 to become a much
 appreciated Link! 

W. Adams:
Always on top
 of his game and continues to
go above and beyond.
Adams is becoming
 one of Linking’s Superstars!