Friday, March 14, 2014

Carnaval on the Mile


Did somebody say ART, FOOD & DRINKS all in one place? We’re there! 

Photo Cred: Miami New Times

                  Miami’s infamous Miracle Mile was transformed into a cultural experience appealing to all the senses on the weekend of March 1-2. Spectators were able to walk a mile of art by over 120 well known artists, sculptors, photographers and jewelry designers. 36 live musical groups traveled from all over the nation to entertain the crowd with live up- tempo beats that had them dancing in the streets. Some of the artists we caught were NYC’s Black Violin and Pedrito Martinez, Atlanta’s Stokeswood and locals like Locos Por Juana and Spam Allstars. Thought we were done? If you wanted to get your taste buds going, this was also the place to be! There were tents with fine food from over 10 local restaurants, wine, cocktails and even activities for the kids to enjoy! A Linking Specialist was spotted at the Trapiche Wine booth indulging guests with the rich tastes of Argentina’s largest exported brand! The fun continued until Sunday at 10PM making for a weekend full of entertainment and memories. Until next year Carnaval on the Mile!!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miami Heat Family Festival

Monday, March 03, 2014- 

                    Linking Promotions is excited to have been a part of the Miami HEAT Family Festival themed “Lights * Camera* HEAT” last Sunday afternoon. Marking its 17th anniversary this year, the HEAT Family Festival is a themed annual fundraiser that brought HEAT players, coaches, celebrities and families together for a full day of fun. Families participated in a variety of interactive games and activities while also being able to enjoy delicious meals from over 40 of South Florida’s finest restaurants and chefs. The afternoon was also livened up with music by Nick Aquilino, appearances by DJ Irie, the beautiful HEAT dancers, Burnie the mascot, in- arena P.A announcer, Michael B., the Golden Oldies and the HEAT Banana Man. Pet lovers were even given the chance to adopt a furry new family member ready with vaccines and microchip provided by the Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department.

                   The Family Festival is the Miami HEAT Charitable Fund’s largest fundraiser. The annual celebration benefits Jackson Memorial Foundation’s Guardian Angels, SafeSpace, the Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug- Free Community and Home Strong. All of which aid women and children and make for a better community overall. The festival was held in Parcel B by the bay behind the AAA and ticket packages went on sale for $1000 and provided admission for five people. We are proud to say that we participated in the efforts to raise a total of $581,817.00 on Sunday! Our KIA promotional specialists helped sign guests up for a $1000 raffle to guess the approximate number of basketballs stuffed inside the KIA Sorento. 

What better way to raise money for a good cause?  

Source Check: WWW.NBA.COM/ Heat

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Becoming a Link!

As a Nationwide agency Linking Promotions needs to be extremely critical with the staff accepted on board and deem worthy of becoming “Links”. Breaking through this industry can be very difficult and in some instances it’s about “knowing someone who knows someone”. These are the top 6 qualities Linking Promotions looks for in aspiring Links!!

Go get it attitude! :
First impressions to any agency are tremendously important and a person’s drive to learn and willingness to work can be a great way to get a foot in the door.

Amazing personality with emphasis on the “ZING”! :
 A front runner in the industry will have that certain quality that helps attract a crowd. If it’s making people laugh, feelings welcomed or confidence, own it!

Professional appearance:
Natural beauty is always a plus, but light makeup is definitely encouraged. Going to a casting or showing up to an event where the agency provides uniform? Do not show up in beach attire, gym sweats or otherwise street clothes. Agencies like to know top quality individuals are being hired.

This not only includes arriving to events on time, but in returning phone calls or emails same day. Stay on top of voice mails! If the job is no longer of interest, extend professional courtesy by calling back and expressing gratitude in the offer. This leads to the next tip…

Professional Courtesy:
 This includes returning phone calls for job offers that are no longer of interest. This means working the first job accepted, not the one that pays the most. This means keeping ones word because of their work and professional ethics. The agency one cancels on today, might have better opportunities down the line. Do not burn bridges.
Obviously new comers will not have a promotional background but might have had previous customer service experience. Waitresses are big on smiles and consumer interactions and these are qualities staff will need on the field! This is the same for volunteers or babysitters or anything involving team work.

On a personal note Linking Promotions would like to express our gratitude in staff hired this year, those who have excelled in each of the above qualities!
A. Greene :
Greene’s flexibility
and professionalism stood and
 quickly got him front line
 to be offered multiple days
on an on-going program. 
A. Duffey :
Duffey is adamant
 in following booking instructions.
Her eye for detail
and exceptional attitude
 gives her above average marks
 in her booking agent’s eyes.
K. Bailey :
 Bailey’s timeliness
and good attitude
 quickly made her the easiest Link to brag about.


G. Castellano:
A pleasure to interview,
 Castellano is detailed
 in her pre-event steps
 for training and confirming booking.
 Her professionalism and appearance
during casting made her
stand out from a pool of staff.

R. Jesseman :
Her charming quality 
and quick response to booking
 gave her the edge she needed
 to become a much
 appreciated Link! 

W. Adams:
Always on top
 of his game and continues to
go above and beyond.
Adams is becoming
 one of Linking’s Superstars! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

C1Bank - Summer Splash

With over 20 scheduled events, the Out Back bowl boasts over 25 years of ongoing celebrations. This June Linking Promotions teamed up with C1Bank, the official bank of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Linking managed the staffing at the first event of the Out Back Bowl, the C1Bank Summer Splash event.  Our C1Bank Linking staff informed guest of the special “BUCS” checking accounts and the added benefits as well as showed enthusiasm for the C1Bank brand.
Onsite we had Ashley, a very engaging Link who always brings her best and most enthusiastic smile to every event. C1Bank had four activation stations through the green, where C1Bankofferend refreshments such as bananas and water bottles to the participants.  Ashley mentioned that her station had a lot of excitement coming from previous football coaches. She mentioned her surprise to learn she was meeting one of the coaches from the University of Florida.  Ashley boasts the “wonderful time” she had at this event. She also appreciates that C1 Bank is an independent bank and supports the local community, “and who doesn’t like to support their community”?

C1Bank Florida - Clients First, Community First
For more information on C1Bank please visit

2013-14 Outback Bowl Schedule of Events
(Directly from
June 1 - C1Bank Summer Splash
October 3 – Outback Bowl Huddle at Splitsville
November 7 – The Forte Group Feast on the Fifty
December TBA – Team Night at Tampa Bay Lightning
December TBA – Battle of the Bands at Busch Gardens
December 12 – Debartolo Contract Signing Party
December 26 – Outback Steakhouse Team Welcome Dinner
December 27- Busch Gardens Team Outing
December 28 – Ladies Luncheon
December 28 – Plays Night at Splitsville
December 28 – Players Hospital Visit
December 29 – Clearwater Beach Day
December 30 – Metlife/ Mercedes Benz Gridiron Gala
December 31 – New Year’s Eve Parade and Pep Rally
December 31 – Light up Tampa Bay & Agua Eve
January 1 – Mercedes Benz Coporate Tent Village
January 1 – Pregame Bowl Bash
January 1 – Pregame Show
January 1 – Outback Bowl 2014
January 1 – Coca-Cola Zero Halftime Show

Note – All event, dates and times are subject to change

As Linking Promotions embarks in summer promotions we would like to invite you to like us on Facebook   and keep updated on our current events!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Florida Blue

Blue Cross Blue Shield is now called Florida Blue! The name represents the commitment they have made to put Florida residents first! This weekend Florida Blue was at attendance at two major NBA games, the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. Our awesome links were on site at each market to promote a healthy living and healthy lifestyle. To help promote a healthy lifestyle our Linking Chef prepared a red salsa to go along with multigrain chips.
 Sunday our Links were onsite at the American Airlines Arena before the Miami Heat game with stationary bikes. The bicycles came with a Vitamix machine attached; the time clock on the table encouraged the guests to take interest in creating their own salsas! The guests raced against the clock to to see who made salsa in less time, the winner
received a congratulatory gift.

Here is the recepie prepared at both locations:

Red Salsa recipe:
½ Medium Onion
1 Jalapeno Chile Pepper
¼ Cup Fresh Cilantro
1 Teaspoon Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Teaspoon Salt
6 Ripe Roma Tomatoes

Linking Promotions takes healthy living very seriously; we would like to encourage you to visit the Florida Blue:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little Black Dress Wine - Divalicious Launch

The icon of a little black dress, no matter the variation, will never get old. Little Black Dress(LBD) Wine is created with the same mentality. LBD wines are made with a woman’s palate in mind and a “fruit forward style”. The wines have made quite the splash in the media for the last few years they have appeared in magazines such as E! , Vanity Fair, In Touch Weekly as well as a number of televised programs. This month, one of the largest distributing companies Linking works with, Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) along with Little Black Dress Wines launched a new “Divalicious” Red and White Wines. Linking provided models to help pour the wine and help announce marketing efforts during the meeting.

LBD Wines varietals are great as is but they do offer fun wine cocktails ideas for your parties on the company’s website. One of the fun cocktails named on the site is called “The limelight” with LBD’s Chardonnay, melons liqueur, pineapple juice and lemon-lime soda garnished with a pineapple wedge, sounds delicious.

RNDC was founded right here in Florida, being the second largest beverage alcohol distributor of premium wine and spirits in the U.S has its perks, RNDC now has over 250 suppliers. As LBD Wines new Divalicious and RNDC team up we are sure you’ll be asking for it next time you step out to purchase party refreshments. Always remember to drink responsibly.

Remember to visit our website

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Linking Version of "Pay it Forward"


Linking Staff headed out this week to a nearby shopping center to indulge in the holiday spirit. In continuation from last year’s holiday “Pay it forward” where we visited a retirement center and had dinner with His House Children's Home. This year The Linking Promotions & Events office has decided to patron a young woman from a neighboring community who has reached out for help with a wonderful surprise. This holiday season she has been blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is due any day this week. As our Christmas gift to her, the Linking team purchased clothing, diapers, wippies, a diaper bag, and a few toiletries.

Because 2012 was blessed with so many new projects that have helped us grow, we decided to give back to the community. We are extremely lucky to be able to help others this holiday season. We would like to take this time to thank all of our clients that helped make this a possibility. Thank you for your continued support!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!